Heating and cooling system

Heating and cooling is provided by a hybrid IMMERGAS System, whose latest technology combines a
highly efficiency gas boiler with a renewable energy heat pump. This equipment can be up to 35% more
efficient than a regular gas boiler, as a result of which you will save money on your domestic energy bills,
and reduces to a minimum the total quantity of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere. The
hybrid system includes a combined indoor-mounted gas boiler and a heat pump placed outdoors. Each
kilowatt of electricity used by the hybrid system generates between 3 and 4 times more renewable heat
from the outside air, thus providing an exceptional level of energy efficiency.

Homes and shops have been solved with a complete underfloor heating system, further raised with 6mm Depron, which prevents the unpleasant sound of dropping things, moving furniture, and more.
For hot summer days we have provided cooling through high-wall convector units in all rooms.
A complete ventilation and air conditioning system will be built in the office space.

Immergas' innovative system ensures comfort every season of the year and guarantees low heating and cooling costs - below BGN 0.50 / sq.m on a monthly base!

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