Ventilated hanged facade

Thanks to the perfect planarity, extreme light weight and excellent physical and mechanic properties of the material, the large ceramic slabs with minimum thickness by LAMINAM are widely used by architects for innovative porcelain on façades.

The main characteristics of great value of LAMINAM are:

- resistant to atmospheric agents;
- resistant to UV rays;
- resistant to extreme stress;
- available in the exceptional dimensions of 1000x3000mm and 1620x3240mm; 
- incredibly lightweight thanks to the reduced thicknesses of just 3mm and 5mm;
- ASTM E84 class A tested.
These characteristics allow unprecedented solutions, combining its outstanding performance with a modern, sophisticated look that becomes the hallmark of any application.

Efficiency and style

People often make a simple mistake. To buy expensive real estate properties, and neglect to invest the
same level in the building itself. In order for our business to add value to your journey on buying a home,
we employ natural and quality materials that provide maximum comfort with no urban pollution, teamed
with an efficient edge to modern styling and design. It is with this in mind that we build the exterior walls
with Wienerberger ceramic blocks of the highest class, which will secure natural thermal insulation and
air conditioning, sound insulation, fire protection, durability, beneficial microclimate, low equilibrium
humidity, environmental friendliness and resilience.

Fire resilience

"Welcome to homes with peace of mind built in". 
Stone wool is a Class A non-combustible material, which can withstand high temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius and effectively prevent the spread of fire.ROCKWOOL insulation is extremely resilient to fire. It works to contain fire and prevent its spread. At the same time, it does not contribute to the emission of significant quantities of toxic smoke. From apartment blocks to skyscrapers, from industrial facilities to busy schools, the natural qualities of stone are helping us build sustainable and safe cities, full of fire-resilient buildings. ROCKWOOL Multi function slab did not emit any toxic gas in the fire, which escorted the fire safety in the room. 

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Although everything listed so far looks very good, the team of GEOSTRUCT go ever further and have
installed in the buildings the latest Isover mineral glass wool, made of 100% natural raw materials, thus
ensuring the highest quality of air. It has industry leading thermal insulation properties, fire resistance; as
well as perfect sound insulation characteristics, and is also resistant to insects.
The plasterboard profiles are of the highest quality brand, Rigipprofil, which increases the walls’ strength
by 50%, reduces the partition walls’ deformation in the case of mechanical impacts, and minimizes the
risk of cracks. The following elements were also used in the construction process:

 Bitumen membrane manufactured by the leader in this industry - General Membrane SpA
 Thermal insulation panels made of polyisocyanurate (PIR) - Isopur BI AL

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