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Heating and cooling system


The solution to providing the highest and most up-to-date level of air conditioning in our buildings is realized with the employment of hybrid heating and cooling systems manufactured by "IMMERGAS". These hybrid systems are the ideal solu-tion for new homes with integrated heating, cooling and domestic hot water sys-tems and are in line with the European standards and regulations regarding the use of renewable energy sources.

Hybrid systems are characterized by a state-of-the-art technology which combines a highly efficient gas boiler with a heat pump unit for renewable energy. Each kilo-watt of electricity, used by a hybrid system, generates 3 to 4 times more rene-wable heat from the outside air thus generating exceptional energy efficiency: in the heating and domestic hot water production mode they can be up to 35% more efficient than the standard gas boilers and they also help save money on energy bills minimizing – at the same time - the total volume of pollutants into the atmosphere. The available automatic mode selection (ensured by the device`s software) of the more favorable source of heat during the winter periods makes these systems even more economical than the combination of a gas boiler and single unit air conditioner for each room in the residence.

The hybrid system consists of a combined gas boiler with an integrated freon/water heat exchanger installed in the room while the system`s heat pump is mounted outside - on the facade or on the roof of the building. Unlike the generally practiced solutions leading out the exhaust gases from the gas boilers, in our con-structions we have closely followed the respective European requirements. The installed collective coaxial fume systems guarantee the removal of the combus-tion products above the roof of the building with a simultaneous suction of guaran-teed clean air for the appliances thus prolonging their service life and making the service maintenance operations easier.

The provided indoor smart control system allows the users to remotely select the desired temperature and/or operation mode/values via a mobile application.

In the “Algara Luxor” and the “Espor Center” buildings, the “Immergas” hybrid solu-tions have been represented by:

The Magis Combo hybrid system - for the residential sector
A hybrid system combining an Audax Top ErP thermal pump with a Victrix Pro ErP or Victrix kW TT condenser gas boiler for the offices
The installation in both buildings is completed with a radiant water floor heating system and high-wall Hydro convector cooling units from “Immergas”.

For all hybrid systems the manufacturer has exclusively provided a 60 months wa-rranty period for all components of the appliances and the other air conditioning devices.


Magis Combo is a hybrid system which generates central heating, cools and he-ats domestic hot water with the integrated condensing unit, designed to cover even the highest load requirements. The outdoor heat pump module is offered in three single-phase versions: 5, 8 and 10 kW. The indoor unit is equipped with a condensing heat generator (27 kW for DHW heating and 24 kW for central hea-ting) and a built-in hydraulic module which controls the energy exchange between the cooling system and the water circuit.

Compared to the condensing boilers, Magis Combo is compact and offers signi-ficant energy savings due to its high energy efficiency. Especially suitable for new and renovated homes, built according to the highest insulation criteria Magis Combo is an excellent solution for replacing old gas boilers with medium and high temperature systems. Its heating temperature can reach 80° C.

What`s unique about the Magis Combo?

Unlike other hybrid systems which operate in parallel, Magis Combo runs sequen-tially. In the event that in the heating mode the heat pump in the hybrid system is running and the coolant temperature does not reach the desired value for the time period set by the thermostat the latter switches off and is replaced by the gas module which reaches the set temperature thus ensuring maximum heating effi-ciency.

Basic features of the indoor unit:

R410A /water heat exchanger with 48 plates/
Stainless steel gas condensing module
A 10 liter expansion tank
Flostat, which activates the heat pump only at a sufficient water flow rate
Hydraulic group - circulating pump with low consumption with a head of 7 mH2O for the heat pump circuit (in the PLUS version it can also control the domestic hot water heating mode)
Hydraulic group - low consumption circulating pump with 7 mH2O head for the circuit of the built-in condensing module
Controller with preparation for the control of 2 zones (without a System con-troller), 1 direct and 1 mixed (heating and cooling)
System controller (optional) for controlling a system with more than 2 zones
Standard stopcock filter ¾ “on the water circuit
Basic features of an outdoor unit:

Inverte­r type screw compressor for all models
Filled with refrigerant R410A
Stop valves for R410A
Ribbed air heat exchanger (with a single fan)
Electronic throttle valve
Mode switching 4-way valve
Reversible heating and cooling function
Optional outdoor installation, without protection

The air-to-water thermal pumps from “Immergas” use air as a renewable energy source. The inverter's intelligent functions and the specific air distribution provide constant comfort indoors without noticeable temperature changes irrespective of whether it is hot or cold outside.

The Audax Top ErP is a single body air-to-water heat pump, suitable for all system solutions and it can be combined with a gas boiler or with a separate volume boiler for domestic hot water production. Thanks to the inverter technology low electricity consumption and high heat and cold productivity are combined, especially during the transitional seasons, when the heating requirements of the building are low and no operation of the heat pump at nominal power is required. The adopted special technical solutions have greatly reduced the noise levels during operation.

 The product range includes:

- 4 single-phase versions for residential applications - 6, 8, 12 and 16;

- 3 triple phase versions suitable for public and office buildings - 16, 18 and 21.

Optimal operation of systems with fan convectors and radiant floor hea-ting/cooling systems with a maximum supply line temperature of up to 60℃. Audax Top ErP can function in low or medium temperature systems. For cooling, heat pumps are the ideal solution when combined with fan convectors and an air dryers.

Basic features:

Reverse heating/cooling mode
Combined operation with a volume boiler
Combination operation with a gas boiler
Variable speed fan
Inverter rotary compressor
Electronic TRV
Mode switching 4-way valve
Water/freon heat exchanger, expansion tank, flostat and a safety valve (3 bar)
Low consumption electronic pump
3-way valve for connecting to a domestic hot water volume heater
Shut-off valves 3/4 – with a filter for the heating circuit
Remote control equipment (VI), Y - filter 1”, fittings for condensation drai-nage and anti-vibration supports
Refrigerant R410A
Intelligent control

For the proper functioning of the entire installation, “Immergas” offers a "smart" system controller which determines the most efficient energy source at any given moment and which can automatically select the unit which has to be activated.

In addition, the intelligent control of the system guarantees:

- the maintenance of high system performance in all circumstances;

- the minimization of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere;

- the management of the entire installation with a single device;

- the ability to control up to 4 Audax Top ErP in a cascade connection.


This series of condenser gas heating boilers from “Immergas” features high heat output, efficiency and a wider modular range - from 10 to 100%. This modulation, and the high heat output rate, make Victrix Pro ErP an ideal solu-tion for central heating systems in residential and public buildings. Thanks to its compact size, Victrix Pro ErP is also suitable for individual homes.

All models in the series can be installed indoors or outdoors in partially protected rooms. The range of Victrix Pro ErP products provides the possibility to install up to 5 boilers in a cascade scheme, which - together with the wide modulation range of between 10 to 100% and the possibility to include renewable energy sources, such as solar installations or thermal pumps - is the perfect solution if you need to increase the efficiency levels of existing installations or in the construction of new units. The name of each model in the series indicates the maximum heat output of the boiler at a temperature of the heat carrier 50/30° С.

The range includes 5 models of different capacity:

- Victrix Pro 35 2 ErP;

- Victrix Pro 55 2 ErP;

- Victrix Pro 80 2 ErP;

- Victrix Pro 100 2 ErP;

- Victrix Pro 120 2 ErP.

Basic features

Electronic pump with a low consumption rate
Modulation power range from 10 to 100%
Possibility for internal and external installation
Two NTC probes for optimal temperature control
Microprocessor electronic board
Electronic ignition and modulation
Possibility for cascade installation (up to 8 devices)
Hydraulic and flue kits for cascade installation (up to 5 devices)
Possibility to connect to an external volume heater
-5° C antifreeze system
High seasonal efficiency

The 1:10 modulation range gives the possibility to optimize the functionality of the generator even under the conditions of reduced heating requirements (for example during the transitional seasons or in the case of systems covering several heating zones simultaneously).

Modular installation

A wide range of accessories for flue and hydraulic connections permits the ins-talling of Victrix Pro ErP in a cascade group of up to 5 boilers and to reach a total energy output of up to 600 kW.

Burner system with full premix

The research and development performed by “Immer-gas” on the burner system has allowed Victrix Pro ErP to achieve an extremely wide heating power modulation range of 10 to 100% (valid for the entire product series). In addition, the generators can operate on both natural gas and propane-butane.

Integrated condensate drainage siphon

The special siphon, built into the boiler, collects the accumulated condensate and provides regular drainage without damaging the connected polypropylene hose.


The new fan convector series are efficient, silent in operation and are easy to install. They create the ideal temperature environment in any room in a short pe-riod of time through continuous recirculation, which permanently maintains a pleasant and homogeneous circulation of the air while their elegant design makes them suitable for any room.

Basic features of the “Hydro” wall convector

Remote control with LCD display;
3-way valve, with micro-switch for setting the values of the heat generator - hybrid system, thermal pump or boiler;
High-efficiency heat exchanger, equipped with a condense drainage tank and a deaerator;
Temperature probes for the heat carrier and the air;
Horizontal and vertical air direction deflectors;
3-stage regulation of cooling/heating via the fan;
ABS housing with high mechanical characteristics and aging resistance.

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